The Value of Experience and the Service Forward Approach

Now that COVID restrictions are being lifted across the country, in-person events are returning, and that is good news for everyone. We were happy to attend the WASDA conference in Naples in February and and I had the privilege of hearing Christopher Kuehl, PhD, Managing Director of Armada Corporate Intelligence, speak about the state of the industry. His focus, along with pretty much everyone else I talk to of late, centered on the challenges we face post-COVID:  the ongoing supply chain disruptions, and the labor shortages.

The phrase “we’re all in this together” has been overused to the point of oblivion, but the labor issues and supply chain shortages are real. That said, we here at SIGMA have been incredibly fortunate that our team has remained united, dedicated, and committed to our mission of delivering quality product through industry-leading service. The so-called “great resignation” has not hit our company, and that is good news for us, our customers, and our distributor-partners. Most of our team members have been with the company for over a decade, if not longer, and that makes for a lot of expertise, industry knowledge, and ability to get things done.

As a result, our sales and service professionals know who to call, what products are an acceptable specified substitute, and how to go about sourcing and delivering items for maximum efficiency. The long tenure of our teams also speaks to the fact that we are happy where we are and are not seeking to chase a few extra dollars or a more impressive job title somewhere else.

Customers and distributor-partners benefit from this knowledge, this track record, and this mutual trust, and as a proud member of the SIGMA team for 17 years, I know that I also benefit from this culture.

As normalcy continues to return, we are all looking forward to connecting in person and gathering together both in social and professional settings. My four kids have all resumed their school, sports, and activity routines. As winter moves to spring, we transition from wrestling and basketball to lacrosse and baseball. That is good news for Annie and me, firm believers in the idea that busy kids are happy kids.  Off the record, we are big proponents of busy kids equal tired kids, which means a break for Mom and Dad.

On a more serious note, we all know that the only constant in life is change. As we ease back into the pre-pandemic travel schedules, we must remember to remain patient and grateful. The patience is necessary to deal with the hectic schedules between work, families, and travel. And remaining grateful for all the blessings in life ensures a healthy, positive perspective.