By Ingrid Sondag, National Plant and Specialty Solutions Division Manager

As SIGMA has continued to grow and develop our Zinc offerings, we have seen that its performance is superior to other coatings and products on the market.  SIGMA and other market leaders have begun recommending Zinc and we are encouraging municipalities and engineers to embrace this trend through specification.

Zinc is unique, because it has the power to actively self-heal in many environments. FBE and other standard coating materials do not  possess this unique and invaluable property.  Unlike FBE, Zinc will not chip, and this is critical, because chips and damaged surface sites are where rust and corrosion begin.  Zinc does not require any special handling, installation or repair procedures, and unlike FBE it offers easy repair processes. Finally, Zinc delivers a superior corrosion resistance at a lower total cost of ownership than other protection measures such as FBE or Polywrap.

For additional information about SIGMA’s Zinc Product line, please visit or contact Ingrid Sondag at or 602-302-8522.