Training our Team

SIGMA has launched a comprehensive training program to ensure that all members of the sales teams are fully versed in our product lines. Regular training sessions are scheduled throughout the year to educate our employees on new and existing product lines in order to provide the best information and resources to our customers.

National Sales Manager Joe Webb explains the move: “SIGMA is committed to delivering the best service to our customers, and to that end, it is essential that our sales teams are knowledgeable on the full range of products we offer. By providing this training, we ensure that our sales professionals can deliver quick answers to customers, and, of course, if further technical expertise is required, our engineers step in with additional support.”

Over the past several months, SIGMA has trained its sales teams on the features of SIGMA Zinc, V-BIO®, and most recently, on the SIGMA-Raven HDPE product line.  The program has been successful, is expected to continue and expand to educate our teams so that they can effectively serve our customers.

Special shout out and thanks to Jon Taft, Dennis Wilson, Ajay Roy, Wayne Pederson, and Jeff Fox for leading the training sessions.