Troubleshooting in the Field

On the road with Dennis Wilson, National Technical Sales Coordinator 

Most field issues can be addressed by email or a swift phone call, but sometimes, an in-person visit is required to provide a hands-on solution. Last week, I hit the road to troubleshoot an issue at a customer’s pipe restraint product installation. No matter the size of the issue, SIGMA is always ready to dispatch a product specialist to address any questions that arise during installation.  Whether it’s 1 mile of 6” pipe, a small pump station, 50 miles of 54” pipe, or even a 100 GPD treatment plant, SIGMA is committed to providing support and ensuring that all projects run smoothly. 

With over 35 years of manufacturing experience and a leading-edge Quality Control Program, SIGMA aims to make installation of our products as easy as possible. While we strive to provide excellence in both products and service, reality dictates that occasional problems do arise. In such instances, SIGMA is always ready to step forward and extend our technical support and engineering expertise to the team on the job site. 

As one of our partners observed this week: “SIGMA provided a critical and immediate response to several technical issues on a 54” project. This on-site, personal assistance was key, and underlined SIGMA’s commitment to providing quality service and supporting our valued partnership.” 

Rest assured we’ll be there “boots on the ground” on the rare occurrence that you need us onsite. These boots have seen over 30-years of service in the field.