Product Spotlight: V-BIO® Enhanced Polyethylene Film

Proprietary Anti-Microbial Technology Inhibits Galvanic and Microbiological Corrosion

SIGMA is proud to highlight the industry leading corrosion protection product,  V-BIO ® Enhanced Polyethylene Encasement. As part of an exclusive agreement with DIPRA, SIGMA is one of only six suppliers nationally with distribution rights to this product.

V-BIO ® enhances SIGMA’s existing Extended Products, which also features 4-mil cross laminated and regular 8-mil polyethylene encasement products. V-BIO® meets the spec required by engineers and many municipalities where volatile elements and soil conditions create a corrosion issue. It is typically used in major metropolitan areas and is an established product in the Midwest and Northeast.

Featuring an inside surface that includes a unique anti-microbial additive, V-BIO ®  is proven to mitigate microbiological corrosion, inhibit volatile corrosion, and prevent galvanic corrosion. V-BIO ® is applicable for use with Zinc-coated ductile iron pipe, standard tar-coated pipe and bare pipe.

This product meets all requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the AWWA standard for polyethylene encasement (ANSI/AWWA C105/A21.5).

Craig Schapiro, National Customer Service Manager, OEM Sales, and Product Manager, comments, “We have had a lot of success with V-BIO ® and customers are pleased with the product’s performance. There is a lot of interest in V-BIO®  for applications where corrosion is a concern.”

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