Pipe Restraint Products Spotlight: Wedge Action Restraint for 42” and 48” C900 PVC Pipe

SIGMA Corporation is proud to highlight the One-Lok Model SLCE wedge action restraint for 42″ & 48″ PVC pressure piping. The SIGMA One-Lok’s unique design allows the product to serve as both a pipe restraint and as a gasket compression gland. Additionally, the restraining glands have been designed to minimize the assembly time required to install the joint. This feature differs from competitors’ products, which require the use of an additional mechanical joint follower gland. As a further benefit, the same restraining gland can be used for both mechanical fitting joints and bell harness PVC joint assemblies.

Features of the One-Lok Model SLCE wedge action restraint for 42″ & 48″ PVC pipes include:

  • Fewer wedges and break-off bolts are required during installation when compared to the number of T-Bolt holes. This greatly reduces the installation time required for proper joint assembly.
  • Additional extended lugs for the gasket bell OD, which can be used for bell harness PVC pipe joints.
  • Same wedge & break off bolt for 42″ & 48″ sizes enable interchangeability between these sizes.
  • Internally tested, approved and recommended on all classifications of 42″ and 48″ AWWA C900, including thin wall pipes.
  • Restrainer glands are supplied with SIGMA CORR-SAFE, e-coated for enhanced corrosion protection.
  • Supplied as a pack, which includes the standard T-bolts and nuts, as well as SIGMA’s enhanced sealing capability with the SIGMASeal mechanical joint gasket.
  • Product is available upon request with Stainless Steel or Fluorokote/Teflon T-bolts and nuts.

SIGMA remains the pipe restraint industry leader in North America. With the launch of these restraint sizes, SIGMA is the only manufacturer to offer a nominal size range of 3″ through 60″ gland replacement wedge action restraints for PVC pressure pipes. This unique design was made possible by Satheesh Chandrasekaran, Pipe Restraint Product Engineer. Pipe Restraint Product Manager Steve McDonald comments, “We pride ourselves on designing, developing, manufacturing and supplying products that meet or exceed end-user expectations. This is just one more example of SIGMA’s commitment to innovation and quality.”

For further information about the SIGMA Pipe Restraint Product Line, please contact Satheesh at mcs@sigmaco.com or Steve McDonald at smd@sigmaco.com.