SIGMA OEM Welcomes Eric Hudecek, Midwest Sales Manager, OEM

SIGMA OEM is pleased to announce the arrival of Eric Hudecek as Midwest Sales Manager, OEM. Eric is a familiar name in the SIGMA OEM family, as he has served as a sales representative for the past five years.

Based in Indianapolis, IN, Eric will primarily work with customers throughout the Midwest.  However, due to his long history in the steel casting industry, he will call on companies in other areas based on his strong business relationships and prior connections with them.

His approach to the business is somewhat unique: “I’m a big research guy. I will research a company and see if they have casting needs, and if they do, whether they have their own foundry. If I spot a potential sale, I’m really persistent. I will keep calling on a company again and again until they tell me to stop. Even if they need something that SIGMA OEM doesn’t manufacture at this moment, we have such a great network of supplier partners that I know we can get it and deliver. Eventually, I tend to get the sale.”

Eric started out planning a career as a journalist, which may explain his research-based approach. He moved quickly into advertising and print sales, and one day sold a package to a steel foundry. When the steel foundry needed a new salesman, they recruited Eric, and he worked there successfully until starting his own company representing various companies and products, including SIGMA OEM. Over the last five years, Eric has worked closely with the OEM team to develop a strong and diversified book of business, and he looks forward to expanding it in 2020 and beyond as a full-fledged member of the SIGMA team.

When he’s not selling SIGMA OEM products and service, Eric enjoys spending time on the golf course. He is also an avid sports fan: “I’m from Indiana, so of course I watch a lot of basketball, it’s the law. I have season tickets to the Indianapolis Colts, and I attend the Indianapolis 500 every year.”

Eric can be reached at or (317)417-2473.

Welcome aboard, Eric, and best wishes for much success.