SIGMA Offers a Complete Range of Zinc Coated Fittings

SIGMA can meet ALL zinc coated fittings needs with a combination of SIGMAZINC1 and SIGMAZINC2 Black Asphalt Coating Fittings!

The benefits of SIGMAZINC2 include:

  • Galvanic protection to ductile iron for corrosive soils or wastewater immersion.
  • Advanced coating protection with highly effective galvanic protection properties, tenacious bonding, and abrasion resistance.
  • Adherence to ISO-8179-2 requirement for liquid inorganic zinc-rich coating.
  • Minimum Zinc level of 220 g/m of surface area.
  • Minimum coating thickness of 3 mils.
  • Asphaltic topcoat paint applied as per ISO 8179-2.

SIGMAZINC1 fittings are also available for those customers specifically requiring zinc coating per ISO 8179-1 where molten zinc is sprayed over the DI metal surface. Both SIGMAZINC1 and SIGMAZINC2 coated fittings offer equal and similar corrosion protection as well as resistance to scratches and abrasions during installation.

For information on SIGMAZINC and other products, please contact your local sales representative.