SIGMA salutes our strategic partner Birmingham Fastener on 40 years in business!

SIGMA and Birmingham Fastener: Strategic Partners

“We kind of grew up together,” says Birmingham Fastener Sales Manager Rodney Holmes of his firm and SIGMA. Both companies have long histories in the industry—Birmingham Fastener is turning 40, and SIGMA is 36 this year. Like SIGMA, Birmingham Fastener has become an industry leader in the products they provide—their focus on domestically manufactured waterworks fasteners of the highest quality has set them apart and enabled them to establish a nationwide distribution network. And as a prominent supplier for SIGMA, this sizeable footprint has benefitted SIGMA’s customer base.

BF started supplying SIGMA with Mechanical Joint fasteners in the early 1990s, and their offering has grown to include a wide range of T-bolts and nuts with various coatings, forging processes, and applications. Holmes continues: “This has been a mutually beneficial partnership based on open, honest communication and loyalty.”

SIGMA’s National Business Development Manager Dennis Wilson comments, “SIGMA and BF have similar company cultures and value systems, and that makes for a strong partnership.”  Holmes adds, “Through the pandemic, our industry was identified as an essential business so we stayed open, but our leadership placed tremendous emphasis on the safety of our team. The unofficial company motto, which our President and Owner Brad Tinney really embraces, is ‘one team, one goal, no excuses, we will do whatever it takes’, and BF held to this through the pandemic. We incurred higher costs with extra cleaning and other protocols, but prioritizing the safety of our 450 team members enabled us to take care of customers–like SIGMA–effectively. That is a success story.”

SIGMA congratulates Birmingham Fastener on their 40th Anniversary and thanks them for being a long-standing strategic partner. Here’s to 40 more years!