SIGMA Expands Global Sourcing Portfolio in Indonesia

SIGMA OEM Expands Global Sourcing Portfolio in Indonesia.

SIGMA has recently expanded its presence in Indonesia. With the new facilities, they will offer a wider array of parts, services, and materials. SIGMA has been successfully sourcing in Indonesia for the past decade, dating back to the acquisition of a fire protection business in 2009. The fire protection product line included black and galvanized malleable iron screw fittings, which were, and still are, manufactured in Indonesia.

Recently, the Indonesian strategic supplier partner commissioned a ductile iron plant to complement their malleable iron unit. This unit is now up and running, and SIGMA has already begun expanding our collaboration with them on OEM customer projects, which will commence regular production and delivery this fall.

In addition to the ductile iron plant, SIGMA’s partner foundry in Indonesia owns and operates a vertically parted Disamatic molding machine with a targeted total mold weight of approximately 25 lbs. The present single shift capacity is about 7000-8000 MT per year. This is an ideal fit for smaller parts with higher volumes.

Indonesia presents a bright possibility for companies searching for a sourcing alternative to China as global supply chain executives clamor for alternatives as the continued tariffs strangle overall costing models.  Many are migrating to India, but without the proper partners, they are experiencing a steep learning curve, and many other barriers to entry.

SIGMA OEM and their Indonesian supplier partner are eager to explore new business opportunities. They are poised to compliment existing sourcing plans or work to replace a faltering supply chain.

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