Rob Mathews Retires after 40 Years in the Business

Congratulations to Territory Sales Manager Rob Mathews on his retirement after 40 years in the waterworks industry, the last 24 years of which were at SIGMA.Known for strong customer relationships, Rob built SIGMA’s Western Canada customer base from the ground up. He explains: “The team in the Ontario, California office has been an incredible support to me. I could not have been successful without them and I am truly grateful for all they did for me and my customers.  I also have to credit our Canada team and the folks at Concord Supply. And I am forever grateful to Steve McDonald, who provided unending support on the technical and sales side of restraints for the Western Canada region.” Rob was named “SIGMA Salesman of the Year” three times, and received an award from The British Columbia Water Supply Association for his service to the local waterworks market. Rob continues, “I have always cherished my relationships with contractors, distributors, engineers—everyone involved in a project. And that rapport helped extend these relationships. I was not about ‘the sell’, but rather about the solution—the priority was to solve the problem on a job with a visit to the site, educate the contractor about the right application and installation techniques.  Often, that approach translated into SIGMA product being specified down the road.”

SIGMA Vice President of Sales Greg Fox comments, “Rob has been a great asset to the SIGMA team. His technical expertise and customer support were highly valued, and his dedication to ‘getting it right’ is a fine example of SIGMA’s commitment to quality and service. We thank Rob for his 24 years of service to the company and wish him a restful and enjoyable retirement.”

When asked what he will miss, Rob is clear: “The people. The interaction. I loved going to a jobsite and helping figure out a challenging installation.” And what he’s looking forward to?  He responds with his customary good humor: “Well my ‘other wife’, that is, not SIGMA, has quite a long to-do list for me. Being on the road for 60 hours a week left a lot of things undone around the house. And I will definitely enjoy working on my classic car—I’m a collector, so that will be fun.”

SIGMA thanks Rob for his service to the company, congratulates him on a successful career, and wishes him well. Going forward, Rob can be reached at

Territory Sales Manager Scott Smith will assume responsibilities for Rob’s customers; please direct inquiries to him at: or 705-627-9423.