Jim and Jessica Stohr: Shake ‘N Bake Racing Team

Jim Stohr, Branch Manager of the Southwest Regional Office, and his daughter Jessica, Territory Sales Manager, started their Shake N’ Bake stock car racing team about 18 months ago. Jim explains, “It’s a real family affair. Both Jess and I race, and her fiancé races as well as works on the cars. Jess’s son Colton, who is 12, works in the pit and will be old enough to race in the junior division soon if he wants to. We started the team as sort of a memorial to Jessica’s uncle, Troy Brown, who was a racer and passed away a few years ago.” Jessica adds: “Uncle Troy was known as an adventurer to lived life to the fullest.  Years ago, he worked for SIGMA, and started racing baby grand cars as both a hobby and a sideline career. When he was interviewed after winning a race about what he did for a living, he said, ‘I sell pipe fittings and stuff!’  This line became notorious among the SIGMA waterworks family.” The Stohr family looked for ways to honor Troy and the racing team has been a perfect memorial.

The team, called “Shake ‘N Bake” is a nod to the iconic Will Ferrell auto racing movie Talladega Nights and they race at the Houston Motor Park on a 3/8 mile track. Jim’s car sports a SIGMA logo. He bought it on a Wednesday and raced it the following Saturday.  Jess’s car, in a further homage to the Ferrell film is the “me” car. Jess describes her entrance to the team: “Dad was hounding me to join the team—I was always the competitive one, challenging him for good and bad, so it is no surprise that I found myself in the driver’s seat.” Jess’s first event was the “Powder Puff Race,” a benefit supporting breast cancer survivors.

Jim describes the race, “I said to Jess, ‘Drive this car like you stole it!’ and she did.  She was in the lead and was lapping another car but that driver spun out, causing Jess to crash.”  Jim was philosophical: “That happens in racing.” Jess credits the support of her waterworks family with helping rebuild the car, “When our customers and colleagues heard about the race, it spread like wild fire. Techline Pipe, SIGMA, the Racing Monkeys, Crosby Vinyl & Craft Supply, and Resurfacing Unlimited stepped up and with their help we were able to piece together a new front end. We rebuilt the car at a time when Covid was really impacting everyone and things were difficult worldwide—it brought us together and gave us something positive to focus on. Since the races are outdoors, it’s safe for social distancing, and we have bigger and bigger customer presence at each race. All of Dad’s grandchildren come and work in the pit or support him after the races. It’s been such a positive for all of us.” The proud dad credits Jess with marketing the team well: “She has done an amazing job getting the word out. Because of her, have sponsors, customers come to the races, it’s been great.”

To learn more about the Shake ‘N Bake Team, please check out their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/shakenbakedriving.