SIGMA Reports that Cor-Blue T-Bolts Outperform Competitors’ Products in Salt Spray Test

SIGMA Corporation is pleased to highlight the results of a salt spray test conducted by engineers on Birmingham Fastener’s Cor-Blue coated T-Bolts. The Cor-Blue T-Bolts were put to the test against three leading competitors’ products. All products were sprayed with pressurized salt water continuously for 1000 hours to evaluate their resistance to corrosion (ASTM B117).

“At the end of this test, the protective coating on the non Cor-Blue T-bolts had eroded and displayed clear evidence of corrosion, rust and salt residue,” stated Dennis Wilson, National Business Development Manager at SIGMA Corporation.

Cor-Blue T-Bolts are ideal for use in unstable construction zones where salt water and aggressive soil conditions may accelerate the degradation of materials. SIGMA recommends these bolts for use in hot zones alongside SIGMAZINC Fittings and E-coated restraints.

In addition to Birmingham Fastener’s Cor-Blue T-Bolts, SIGMA can supply custom-coated and custom-designed bolts to fit specific waterworks applications. SIGMA currently provides T-Bolts in the following range of materials:

  • SS304 and SS316 Stainless
  • Fluorocarbon-coated
  • Cadmium or Galvanized
  • Cor-Blue

SIGMA Corporation is a leading supplier of accessories to the waterworks industry. We offer competitive pricing on an extensive range of Gaskets, Glands, Nuts and Bolts and Mechanical Joint Accessories. All products meet or exceed ANSI/AWWA standards. For more information about our range of accessories, visit

Cor-Blue is a registered trademark of Alabama-based Birmingham Fastener, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of T-head bolts. Birmingham Fastener is the only domestic manufacturer of T-Bolts in the US today. Birmingham Fastener and SIGMA have been proud partners in the waterworks industry for over 20 years.

For further information contact Dennis Wilson at 937-0456.