Consistency in an Inconsistent World

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Consistency in an Inconsistent World
By Greg Fox, Vice President of Sales

As we turn to the new year, we naturally tend to look ahead with forecasts, plans and goals both personally and professionally.  However, the tumult of the past three years has created a reluctance and hesitance to predict the future – particularly when it comes to the water & sewer industry.

These days, the economic indicators that we normally rely on are incongruous. The labor market continues to be strong and jobs are increasing, typically a sign of growth. Interest rates and inflation are rising, which generally means headwinds for our industry. Meanwhile, gas prices are dropping, and the supply chain has rectified after two years of disruption—both of which signal good news. These metrics, which usually predict trends for the economy as a whole and our industry specifically, are all over the map.

Such external factors are beyond our control, but SIGMA remains focused on our dual missions of quality and service. Our commitment is to deliver quality products through exceptional service each day with each order.  We want our customers to have high expectations when they reach out to SIGMA whether over the phone, via email or through an EDI purchase order.  As we have for the past 35 years, through boom times and downturns, we will consistently deliver the industry-leading quality and service that our customers expect.

So, I guess I will make one prediction after all:  In 2023 and beyond, SIGMA will remain consistent in this inconsistent world.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!