Now Readily Available: Detectable and Non-Detectable Tape

SIGMA has a strong inventory of all types of marking tape, which is ready to ship from our warehouses across the US. SIGMA’s tape meets or exceeds the industry standards using the American Public Works Association (APWA) color code.

Our tape selections and features include:

Detectable Marking Tape

  • Minimum 5.0 Mil thickness with a (0.00035”) solid aluminum foil core
  • Construction is a 0.8 Mil clear film, reverse printed and laminated to aluminum foil which is laminated to 3.75 Mil clear film, making the film permanently printed
  • Meets or exceeds industry standards to APWA color code
  • Available in different widths

Non-Detectable Marking Tape

  • Consists of 4.0 Mil overall thickness
  • Manufactured with no lead material
  • Used for underground purposes
  • Super stretch non-detectable marking tape consists of a minimum 6.0Mil overall thickness, is reverse printed, and has a laminated construction for prolonged use underground
  • Available in different widths

Barricade Tape

  • Consists of 4.0 Mil overall thickness and 3” width weather resistant poly with easy-to-read 2” black lettering.
  • Options include:
    • DANGER
    • Many other wording choices

Craig Schapiro, National Customer Service Manager comments, ““We have a plentiful inventory of this product, which is required for many applications. Pairing this with other waterworks products is an added efficiency for customers because they only deal with one purchase order and one vendor. In addition, there is added savings on shipping costs for the customer, as these products help build orders for freight allowance.” To learn more about these and other extended and affiliated products, please contact Craig at