Check out this Webb-Site: Value-Added Sales Professionals

Today’s sales professionals need to bring more to the table than ever before. In order to provide value-added service, we need to be present, available, and responsive to our customers. But to be clear, this does not necessarily mean conducting face-to-face, in-person meetings. If we learned anything over the last year, it’s that we can accomplish quite a lot remotely, and the top priority for customers is that we meet their day-to-day needs with proactive engagement, logistical efficiency, and technical expertise.

Travel will resume at some point, but until then, the daily challenges of the business will continue as they are. Disruptions in the global supply change coupled with ongoing strong demand leads to a myriad of pricing and service issues. Customers care less about our visits and more about our ability to help them through these unprecedented times. They are looking for us to make transactions and logistics as easy as possible, and SIGMA is committed to our service-forward approach to deliver for the customer.

To that end, SIGMA is taking steps to provide our sales teams with training, which will ensure that they are armed with the knowledge and expertise to support customers directly and access technical assistance from our engineers.  Over the past month, SIGMA has developed and delivered in-depth training on SIGMA Z-COAT, our solution for superior corrosion protection. This zinc-rich paint meets the ISO 8179 Part 2 specification, and we have consulted DIPRA for their expertise on specifying the product. They advise: “In discussions with our member companies, while all provide metallized zinc to pipe, each one has preferences for the application of zinc to fittings. Our advice in specifying a zinc coating for ductile iron fittings would be to allow either.”

While SIGMA remains laser-focused on innovation, quality products, and industry-leading service, the Webb family is focused on sports, activities, and transitioning to the warm weather. I regularly avail myself of the “free labor” that four kids can offer, and have pulled them into various mulching, gardening, and landscaping tasks to prepare the yard for summer. Our backyard trampoline is a source of much joy, some danger, and sanity-savings for myself and my wife, Annie. There’s nothing quite like nonstop jumping to tire out four energetic kids. The three boys are playing Little League, so we have a complicated calendar of games, and I am coaching. I am seeing a lot of enthusiasm, and am hoping to channel that into skill in the coming season. CC, our youngest and the only girl, stays busy and active keeping up with her three big brothers, and Annie’s therapy practice continues to grow.

I look forward to increasing the value of SIGMA’s sales and service offering through programs like our new training module, and our commitment to meet the growing demand for our products, particularly the SIGMA/Raven HDPE line and the SIGMA Z-COAT corrosion protection line.

I wish everyone a safe, healthy spring!